You get what you give

People often like to use the word karma as a warning for those they feel deserve to be punished for whatever discretion they seem justified in condemning with an unhinged desire. “Karma is going to get you.

I have rarely heard karma used in regards to a positive gesture. I rather prefer to use the term “Law of Consequences” because you get what you give.

Every thought, action, inaction and interaction has a consequence. Depending on the intention, depends the series of events that occur and the consequences of these events.

There is always an equal and opposite force returned from what was sent out. The universe always deals with balance.

You can’t have a positive without a negative, happiness without sadness, etc. Your highest high will equal your lowest low, to what extent depends on how far you swing on the pendulum of life to either side. If you feel great elation you will equal that elation with a depressed state. By balancing perceptions and minimising the excessive manic states you feel more poised and centred within yourself. And therefore attracting more favourable consequences.

If you have a bucket of water and you drop a stone into it, creating a ripple effect. Those ripples will eventually reach the edge of the bucket and return back to the centre. This is to represent the multiple consequences of what you send out.

Consequences come in 3’s; Whatever you project you first have to feel it-then the energy and time spent projecting it and lastly the returned results of your action. Physiologically you pay a great price with a build-up of rigidity in tissue, higher blood pressure, adrenals fatiguing and so on. Energetically you vibrate at a lower frequency which affects vitality making you feel drained. This also affects any relationship adversely because; Who wants to hang around a grumpy, angry, irrational person? The longer this behaviour goes on the worst the consequences.

Pay with attention or pay with pain.

If, however you project love, kindness and compassion; you first feel it- then the energy and time spent projecting it and lastly the returned results of your action. Physiologically you receive a great reward with a release of rigidity in tissue, blood pressure normalises, adrenals aren’t over worked and so on. Energetically you vibrate at a higher frequency which increases your vitality making you feel energised. This also affects relationships positively because people will enjoy your company and want to hang around you.

You deserve the consequences of what you project, take responsibility so you can understand where you currently are and where you are going.

Feeling negativity and not being willing to let it go, is a form of self-abuse. Instead learn how amazing you are so you love yourself more; breaking the negative cycle. The example you show others and what you share with others can echo an eternity through generations of those you love and those people you interact with.
Choose the legacy you wish to leave, wisely.

If a person is projecting ill will towards you, it is wise not to engage with them. Just because someone is negative to you it doesn’t justify you returning the favour. They aren’t telling you anything about yourself because they don’t know who you really are, although they are speaking volumes of who they are. Walk away and let them wallow in their own negativity, if you know better than to project harm to others the consequences are worse. If you project negativity, selfishness, anger, resentment don’t complain when it is returned.

No one gets away with anything, because you may not see it or your expectation of what the consequences to occur should be, but haven’t come to fruition.

Doesn’t mean justice is not being served.
Look at the quality of their relationships; all of them.
Are they abundant in wealth?
Are they happy?
Not the smoke and mirrors show they put on for show for everyone to see, but the real show when they think no one is looking.

Consequences can be positive or negative and are equal to the activity taken.
Some don’t take responsibility for the consequences they have created, instead they blame others. This is a very disempowering perspective to have, which makes them a victim of their circumstances.

Always come back to self; what is that person showing you about yourself that you don’t want to see. When you are offended treat it as a growth potential to learn and heal something about yourself.


  1. Am I claiming responsibility for my consequences?
  2. Who or what am I blaming for my consequences?
  3. How do I conduct myself to have more favourable consequences?
  4. What are my intentions?
  5. How do I wish to be known or remembered?
  6. What do I need to heal in my past?

These questions are to provide some insight into your behaviour, answer them thoroughly and seek guidance where necessary by someone who acts with honour, respect and integrity. So that you can stand on the shoulders of giants and one day you may become a giant and lend your shoulders to others, so that they too can reach a greater sphere of influence.

With you in health and wellbeing
Marco D’Angelo

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