If you don’t see Marco you are doing yourself a disservice.

I first met Marco as I had a disc bulge, I have had constant back problems for years of training heavy weights.

I have been to that many proclaimed Myotherapists, Physios, Osteopaths and Chiropractors, no one could fix me and this was over 6 years of being treated by them.

I have seen Marco 4 times in 2 months and I have never felt better, he is always approachable and teaches you positive mindset, and how the mind and stress effects the body.

I have recommended him to family and friends and I only do this when I believe in the treatment or practice.

I have never felt better, if you don’t see Marco you are doing yourself a disservice.

If you want pure feedback of Marco please don’t hesitate to let me know and I can explain what an influence he has been on me.

I can’t thank you enough Marco.

Anthony Chimirri, Financial Planner, AFA rising star award Top 10 for 2018

“Eureka” – Breath of fresh air!

The “What Makes You Tick?” Course has been so beneficial to my personal growth it has made me change my mindset more positively, given me much food for thought on exactly where I am headed and given me the courage to step up and take action on my own behalf.

Marco is an incredible teacher- he tells it like it is, puts things into perspective and suggests alternate ways of thinking that one may not have previously considered. The course was fun, interesting and engaging.

I definitely experienced a number of “Eureka”! moments and I felt like I was breathing new air by the end of it.

Thank you Marco, I am so glad I took this course. The world needs more people like Marco!

Loran Deleo, Cairns, Queensland

Truly worth it!

I attended the “What makes you tick” day program delivered by Marco, the training facilities were excellent which provided a great area for learning.

I chose this course as I had been uncertain of direction and suffered a great deal of unrest due to a physical condition. This condition influenced my life’s choices in both my personal and professional journeys, and had put a great deal of unnecessary stress on my mental health over the past 30 odd years.

I found the course content very easy to follow. The step by step work book, media and verbal information were great and very informative.

I had to apply myself and push through pre existing learning walls, the outcome was truly worth it.

I gained a balanced and clear direction in line with my capabilities and ambitions, resolved the condition that had caused such unrest by understanding and being aware of internal dialogue.

I look forward to participating in more courses offered at the D’Angelo Institute.

Tim Phillips, Train driver, Melbourne Victoria

Engaging and informative!

Marco was engaging and very informative in the session he conducted for our year 10 Northern Football Academy students. His wealth of knowledge in the areas of recovery and prevention of injury was clearly evident. Marco’s interaction with the students was very positive. He was able to answer all their questions and delivered to them a great learning experience beyond the classroom setting.

Christina Puccio. VET Sport and Recreation and Physical Education, St Monica's College, Epping.

Thank you, Marco

Your course was exactly what I was wanting your knowledge and delivery of it was great. Highly recommend! Terrific Passive and P.N.F. stretching course on Wednesday, thanks Marco! Second course I’ve done with you and I really enjoy your teaching style. You have some exciting plans coming up!!

Christine Connell, Remedial massage therapist, Melbourne

Very informative session

After many years of massage still learnt something.

Kerri Coates, Myotherapist/Lecturer, Melbourne

Great course

Feeling less stressed/anxious I can’t wait to use anchoring meditation technique to help me with each goal. P.S. I love my vision board!!

Lucy Keenan, Tai Chi Instructor, Melbourne

The course was very practical and to the point

I like how Marco presented and gave his own experiences with the vision board. Well done mate.

Bratislav Petrovic, Melbourne

30 minutes over the phone with Marco was a real eye opener

I have carried his advice with me since (close to a year now) because his guidance has been applicable to many instances of my life. The initial reason why I went to Marco was a physical concern, but Marco was able to connect my problems to a deeper psychological and spiritual level Marco is a healer and a thought leader. I had the privilege of working with Marco on creating his book, so I knew, trusted and understood his theories, practices and coaching abilities-he’s an international bestselling author for a reason, so I recommend him to anyone who feels they need guidance, perspective or information of the physical, mental and emotional connection in any area of their life.

Katie Graham, Melbourne, Australia

He improved my techniques and advised me how to prevent injury by improving my flexibility

Let me begin by mentioning that I am not a fan of massages, I have never been able to relax and that has made the massage therapist’s job harder.

However, having regular remedial massage was important for me to achieve my goal to compete in body building. This is where Marco comes into my life.

Due to his support and combined knowledge of remedial and sports massage he has changed my view about massages and helped me physically by relieving aches and pains due to my gruelling training sessions.

He improved my techniques and advised me how to prevent injury by improving my flexibility and if that wasn’t enough, he also gave me support which helped me remain positive and focused in my training.

Marco is truly a brilliant and extraordinary person and gives the best-est massages!

Marlinda Duskovic

Marco D’Angelo is a fantastic Remedial Massage/ Myotherapist

As a Physiotherapist and Pilates Instructor, I have searched far and wide for a quality practitioner for client referrals.

I feel completely confident that Marco has the experience and expertise to treat a wide variety of musculoskeletal complaints. He is my first choice when I, personally, require massage therapy.

Marco’s recent publication “Guide to Static Stretching” is a must read for any individual seeking to enhance their exercise routine and wellbeing. My advice— go see Marco, and you will leave his office feeling terrific!

Ellen Barber, PT, Cert IV Pilates Instructor

On a personal level, Marco has assisted me with chronic back pain I sustained as an elite gymnast

Marco D’Angelo has been helping me and members of our club for the past year. He is a fantastic asset to the club because he is so passionate and knowledgeable about what he does.

I don’t think Marco believes what he does is a job; I believe he does it because he really enjoys it. I suffered stress fractures as an elite gymnast over 5 years ago and still suffer from severe pain where it sometimes interferes with my coaching.

Marco always takes the time to explain to me techniques and stretches that will assist me and they always do. Marco is a very friendly individual who will always go out of his way to ensure he assists you whatever your needs may be.

Melissa Santo, Director Team Adrenalin & Australian Gymnastics Team Member

I thank Marco for all the effort and hard work he has put into me over the years!

Before Sydney 2000 Olympics I tried so many different therapists to help fix those recurring ailments and injuries you accrue as an elite athlete training 6-8 hours a day.

When I was referred to Marco, I remember putting him to the challenge of fixing me up! Marco not only fixed them up! But put me on a great rehab/maintenance program with specialized strength / stretching exercises that prevented those injuries from reoccurring.

As a director of my own specialized fitness centre it was a priority for me to have Marco’s expertise on hand so that every athlete from my centre will be given that same personal specialized treatment that I have been so lucky to have over the years.

On behalf of me my family and my members I thank Marco for the expert opinions and professional work ethic.

Paul Lyons, Olympic Athlete 1992 / 2000 Taekwondo