Stress and Eustress


Eustress: “Stress that is deemed healthful or giving one the feeling of fulfilment, from Greek EU well, good”. (, Sourced 23/09/15)

Stress: “To worry, stress modelled on distress.” (, Sourced 23/09/15) Also feelings of overwhelm, sadness, unwillingness to change, fear of stepping out of comfort zones etc.

Both forms of stress have physiological consequences, both increase heart rate, blood pressure, anxiety, adrenal fatigue the list is extensive. We constantly go in and out of these states similar to a swinging pendulum; the great the swing the greater symptoms.

Good health can be summed up in one word “Homeostasis” or in another word “Balance”.

  • When in a state of balance there is peace, poise, purpose and love.
  • When feeling stress there is disharmony and discomfort and ill health ensues.

There are a myriad of reasons that create stress in our lives, for this article we will focus on our perceptions and perspectives as the cause.

Perceptions and Perspectives

The journey of life is a series of highs and lows. It is an impossibility to attain happiness all the time, it is also impossible to be sad all the time. These fluctuations can be minor to extreme, each creating specific experiences that have a series of emotional reactions and thoughts that at times are justified, and at other times unjustified. Depending how strong the feeling, results in how strong the emotional reaction.

Stresses are felt from unbalanced beliefs and perceptions from past events or projections into the future. When reflecting on the past the stress is based on guilt and shame, when projecting into the future the stress is based on fear and overwhelm.
When pre-empting a possible stressful event and outcome, the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of the self are adversely affected, even if it doesn’t eventuate the consequences are already felt. If the outcome eventuated the adverse affects are twofold, having felt the stress before and during the event occurring. If continuously thinking about what had eventuated and not letting go of the outcome the adverse affects are threefold and the consequences continuously multiply.
Based on unbalanced perceptions, unrealistic expectations, an unwillingness to change or accept what has, is and will happen in life, will create rigidity in the body, from inefficient posture, fibrous tissue consistency and finally ill health.

  • Learn: what has contributed or detracted from the quality of life.
  • Discard: what is no longer needed and keep what is required and develop it if necessary.
  • Balance: what is difficult to accept and utilise it appropriately.

We accumulate knowledge and habits over the years that at the time serve their purpose, but over time with new experiences old methods become redundant and no longer serve our greater good. We must begin to shed outdated perceptions and perspectives and then implement more efficient and appropriate ones. As time is ongoing, this needs to be constantly re- evaluated because with new opportunities, new methods will need to be applied for the most prosperous outcome.

Everyone is a mirror of each other.

What we see in others we have within us if we didn’t we would not recognise it in others and vice-versa. We may be unaware of the characteristic we’re seeing at the time, but that doesn’t mean it does not exist within us. When literally pointing a finger at someone in judgement, there are three fingers pointing back from the very same hand.

Don’t just look at someone truly see them.

We have the ability to see the essence in others and feel it also. There is not a person among us that cannot be loved for who they are, once we hear and consider their story. We can learn from people who we believe are the most ignorant as well as those held in high regard. When listening to those who are totally involved in extremes on a topic or perspective, don’t lose their message due to a bias about their way of thinking, beliefs or who they think they are. We are all teachers and students of life simultaneously. If we just stop and try to understand why a person has taken a certain position (in regards to a discussion or event), by knowing where their past lies, we open up the potentiality to learn. We can overcome differences and reach mutual ground. No one has the right to sit on a moral high horse and pass judgement. Once we realise this, many current issues in our lives will diminish.

We learn most from those who challenge us most. They assist in our learning development to reach even greater heights.

“There are no wrong decisions. In hindsight, everyone is a genius. At the time, that was the lesson to learn. That’s why now you know there is a better choice.”

Marco D’Angelo

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