Results Coaching & Consulting

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Need guidance and support to break through your current glass ceiling?

People seem to be working longer hours, juggling more tasks and struggling to have the work-life balance they want, feeling less appreciated and missing the quality of life they desire. This creates more stress and strains the cherished relationships in life that are most important to them.

By knowing exactly what your current results and issues are and knowing where you want to be in all areas of your life, we work together; from the inside out to breakthrough old paradigms and outdated beliefs. Receiving the support and planning you require, you will reach higher and go further than you ever have before. With one on one coaching/ consulting and unlimited email support, this will be your new reality. It all comes down to you taking the first step.

Results coaching and consulting is for people who wish to make real changes in their lives and challenge themselves to be and do more; to feel the fear and do it anyway, to reach their true potential by taking responsibility for their lives up to this point in time.

Create a tailored Results Coaching and Consulting package

Learn the messages the body is sending you about the stresses in your life.

Formulate a plan of action that balances the body and mind to get the results and wellbeing you desire with ongoing support to keep you accountable and on track.

As a Results Coaching and consulting client, you will be eligible for discounts to all courses held by the D’ANGELO INSTITUTE™ to further your chances of success in all areas of your life.

A professional supportive service providing guidance and insightful down to earth methods to help grow your personal and professional life. Working with you, your team and business from the inside, out.

  • Realise and refine your highest values to create true fulfilment and success in your life
  • Discover your own hidden potential
  • Have the support, encouragement and guidance to reach further than ever before
  • Have your own personal coach to keep you accountable, inspired and on track to achieving your goals
  • Master your life to master your destiny
  • Learn the 5 D’s of bringing your goals to life
  • Become the authority in any area of your life
  • Choose the Coaching Package that suits you most
  • Utilise staff’s skills to find the most appropriate position for them
  • Create an understanding and supportive environment that encourages the sharing of ideas
  • Implement processes making meetings productive and results driven
  • Providing methods to reduce stress related tension improving productivity
  • Minimise stress and stress leave
  • Creating processes to maintain productivity when staff leave
  • Providing services to learn how to read body language and assist in hiring the right person
  • Find out who your high performers and team builders are
  • And much more