Key Note Speaking

Tired of the usual speakers who seem to regurgitate the same old speeches? Want to hear some fresh perspectives that challenge the norm in a collaborative open atmosphere?

Book me for your next speaking event and I will cater an interactive talk for your needs on the topics of:

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Bullying- Studies show that there is more bullying and physical violence now than ever before, so the war on bullying is being lost. I share a different and educational way of understanding and dealing with bullying by defining the bully and victim, what our responsibilities are with duty of care and how to deal with it. We cannot understand how and why people bully others until we understand how and why someone becomes the victim of bullying.

Stress- comes in many forms and is the result of belief systems that have been culminating over a life time. Studies conducted in 2013 show that stress related leave cost industry $10Billion. This is only looking at work related stress not including social, family, financial, physical or intimate relationships. If all these areas of life were to be considered not only would the financial cost be much greater but the cost and effects on health and quality of life for you and your loved ones would also be affected adversely. An informed look at stress from perceptions to the physical effects will be covered with more of an understanding of why it happens and how to minimise its effects.

Leadership and communication- True leadership comes from experience and an open minded approach to communication. How colleagues feel they are viewed and how they contribute to the organisation or club is the main factor of the quality of leadership and communication that is being used. If colleagues are under performing a review of methods and culture are necessary to remedy the issues. Covering points of, how to get the best from your staff, communicate with understanding and authority, body language and more can give you the basic tools to be the difference in your sphere of influence.

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Health and wellbeing- Health can be affected by a myriad of reasons from many areas of life. How we feel the perceptions we have and the physical consequences are too numerous to mention and can have serious repercussions to health and wellbeing. There are more diseases and illnesses than ever before and even more medicines that claim to be the answer to all ills. By viewing the interconnectedness of the emotional, mental and physical aspects of life we create an informed multiple perspective approach to life and the intricacy of health and wellbeing. We discuss down to earth practical methods to create balance and homeostasis in regards to health and wellbeing with an unbiased point of view of how a myriad of healing modalities can assist in reaching health goals from western medicine to natural medicine and most things in between.

Relationships- Media constantly tells of stories of domestic and social violence, divorce rates rising and unhealthy home environments that adversely affect the family unit. Relationships come in all shapes and sizes and each require a unique method to grow and thrive. From intimate to friendships to family and workplace, understanding the methods of communication, body language and why people act out as they do will assist on how certain situations can be better dealt with. By approaching this topic with an unbiased perspective we discuss understanding how to empower yourself so to minimise being caught up in someone else’s drama’s and limited views of the world around them. This will enable you to stand in your own strength and create loving, healthy relationships in all areas of your life by knowing where you fit and how to conduct yourself in any situation and know when you need to walk away.