My Story

We splinter ourselves over the years due to challenges and events that created one sided perceptions and perspectives, which can potentially become physical symptoms, illness and sometimes serious conditions. We need to gather those splinters by balancing those perceptions and make ourselves whole and grateful for the experience.

From a very young age I was constantly and repeatedly told what I couldn’t do and discouraged from doing what I enjoyed with physical, mental and emotional abuse. The methods of choice instilled in me limited my belief systems. I was also during this time plagued with conditions that were misdiagnosed, unusual in occurring, or had no known cause.

These included a malfunctioning stomach valve, dislocated shoulder with torn cartilage, floating bone within my ankle, disc bulges, nerve impingements and the list goes on. Feeling a lack of support around each condition and treatment tied in with a limited belief system; this made certain dreams I had unattainable and I felt defeated.

These events subsequently bestowed in me inspiration and a desire to learn, research and look for solutions and methods beyond the conventional, inspiring me on my journey of self development and professional education. With this inspiration driving me forward I observed with each event, I was at an emotional low, at a crossroad or going through some sort of personal turmoil.

I also realised that after each instance, when I had acknowledged what the issue was and had dealt with it appropriately, the recovery was instantaneous and often the condition totally healed in a short period of time. This is why I have a particular interest in idiopathic issues- meaning “describes a disease or disorder that has no known cause.” This term instinctively drives my curiosity because illness or structural issues don’t just happen. There are reasons and there are a myriad of contributing factors, which case- by- case, first need to be identified.

Working together with clients, I specifically cater to each individual to achieve the best results, helping shed outdated redundant perceptions and methods to achieve even greater outcomes. It doesn’t matter if you are an elite sports person, a workout enthusiast or just an individual who wishes to achieve goals in relation to health, wealth or relationships it is my responsibility to provide the best service and advice for your greater good.

We work together during our sessions for the best possible results with ongoing mentoring and support to keep you on track.

marco dangelo story

There are no wrong decisions. In hindsight, everyone is a genius. At the time that was the lesson to learn. That’s why now you know there is a better choice.