Expert and Authority

As a society (generally speaking) we are; in a myriad of occasions devaluing ourselves giving power to others we allow to dictate our lives. How often in your past have you done something against your better judgement or will for that matter? You may have felt influenced by others whether an individual or group. Whether it was to keep the peace; you wanted to be accepted or feared losing a job/ promotion. Whatever the reason as extensive as the range can be; in those cases we have allowed others to be the expert or authority of our lives and destiny.

This makes little sense considering these people, whoever they may be are transient in your life, and they will come and go. Although you are with you all the time, wouldn’t it be reasonable to believe that YOU know more about yourself than anyone else can or will?

If looking at experts/ authorities, whether qualified in certain professional fields, or the local neighbourhood oracle of intelligence and wisdom, certain consistencies will be noticed.

Both experts/ authorities are required for advancement; both may still have gold nuggets of information that may assist you. Filter what you find useful and discard the rest.

Albert Einstein once said “My contempt for authority is what has made me one.”

As much as an authority/ expert know, they are still limited with predicting individuals’ possibilities; only educated guesses are made. How can anyone gauge another’s thought processes, new lessons learned, networks that have developed, new studies that have been pursued etc.

Only you are the expert/ authority of your own life so truly appreciate, be grateful, learn and utilise what you have gained from past failures and successes to create your future. By planning and taking action you can achieve boundless potential.

If you believe you are neither the expert nor authority; ask yourself these questions:

  1. If you aren’t who is?
  2. Why is this individual or individuals the expert/ authority of you or your potential and life?
  3. Why aren’t you the expert/ authority of you?
  4. How qualified is this person to judge and tell you what you can and can’t do?
  5. Are they following their inspired journey?
  6. Is their life filled with joy and satisfaction in all they do?
  7. Are they successful in what they do?
  8. How well do they know you; really know you?

When disempowered, we live lives of “what ifs” and “I don’t know.” When empowered, we live lives of fulfilment with “I know!” and “I am!”

Only you can be the master of your destiny others can only predict.

Wherever in your life you don’t feel empowered, someone will enter your life and overpower you. Where you are truly empowered no one overpowers you in that specific area.

Be grateful for all who challenge you in life; they encourage adaptation, learning, dreaming, and they encourage you to reach further than ever imagined. Every day, learn something new about yourself and do it with purpose; invest in self development education so you can recognise the master that dwells within you and be the expert and authority of your own life.

Only seek advice when necessary from professionals in their chosen fields, the visionaries, the trail blazers living their dream life.

Keep your mind open to advice, others failures or accomplishments, and others expertise. If someone has accomplished what you wish to achieve, don’t become envious, instead ask them how they did it so that you may do it too. Be grateful for what you already have so that more can enter your life.

I believe we all have an obligation to share all our knowledge and wisdom with the world in the service of others. That is the very least we can do, as payment for using the earth’s resources. There is no wealth in hoarded knowledge, there are already too many that have buried their life story, knowledge and wisdom in the ground. Just go visit a cemetery and you will get a glimpse of just how many. There is no circumstance or person holding you back but you and you alone are. You have specialised knowledge and wisdom in your life. Find what and where in your life you are inspired and don’t need to be motivated. I guarantee that whatever inspires you is where your genius dwells.

Share your genius so others feel they can also.

With you in health and wellbeing
Marco D’Angelo

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