what makes you tick
  • October 20, 2018
  • Melbourne
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What makes you tick?

Hi I am Marco D’Angelo, Founder of the D’Angelo Institute™ and creator of the Interlinking Method™.

Are you feeling uninspired, have no clear direction in life or are doubting your own abilities to transform your life into what you truly wish it could be?

I am here to introduce a new and insightful program called “What makes you tick?

I have created this to provide insights to help clarify uncertainty you may have in the direction of any area of your life. By knowing the intrinsic aspects of yourself at the deepest level, you will get in touch with the innate drive to go beyond your current standard of living to give meaning to your life.

By the end of this program you will have discovered why you are here and where you want to go. Have a clear vision of what you truly wish to achieve taking the guess work out of it to begin your journey on the right foot. Be able to familiarise yourself with your true belief systems and learn the quickest way to change a belief system that doesn’t serve you to a healthier more beneficial one.

Learn that you are the true authority in your life by realising your true worth and potential, being aware of your internal dialogue and how it affects you to balance perceptions of how you view yourself and others.

Truly begin to understand the emotions you feel and how the body tries to communicate them to you with symptoms to bring conscious awareness.

By being aware of “What makes you tick?”, you can implement the exercises covered in the program to any area of your life that you feel is unfulfilled. It will help you on your journey of greater influence and fulfillment.
I am sure you will leave this program with new skills and insights to change old paradigms of thinking allowing you to reach beyond your current results and circumstances.

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