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The Visionaries Course



See, Plan, And Create- Your life your way!

As a society, and individually, we have an innate desire to grow and achieve more. No one wakes up in the morning and wishes they can create and achieve less than their current results. Do you have unfulfilled New Year’s resolutions, fear and doubt of your ability to achieve goals you have created that seem just out of reach regardless how hard you try?

The D’ANGELO INSTITUTE™ Visionaries course has been created to help set you free and discover the possibilities and answers to achieve true wellness, happiness and living fully with practical down to earth methods.

This course is for people who are willing to set aside old belief systems and challenge themselves to create new paradigms of thought, and reach ever greater heights of success.
Remember “Society may predict, but only I am the master of my destiny.” (Unknown)

The fastest and most efficient way to create your true goals and make them a reality


  • Saturday April 27th, 2019
  • Saturday September 14th, 2019

What we cover:

  • Identify where you currently are and where you wish to be on your life’s journey
  • Discover your highest values
  • Learn the power of intention and How To Set It
  • Know how to create smart goals
  • Realise the true diversification and potential of your goals by mind mapping
  • Create your vision board
  • Create new neural networks to be congruent with your goals
  • Realise how your goals being achieved influences the world
  • Create a step by step action plan to guide you on your journey
  • Know your true worth and why you deserve your goals
  • Learn meditation techniques to both visualise and anchor your goals to your body
  • Discover where you feel the emotions you associate with your goals on your body and how to make them truly heartfelt

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