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Chillax – The stress of stress



Stress is felt constantly for many reasons, in different forms and varying degrees of intensity with consequences felt immediately or over a period of time. Regardless of what area of life, whether to intimate relationships, friendships, family, career or health. It is not always due to anger, it may be due to feeling overwhelmed, sad, fatigued, not having enough down time, lack of sleep and much more.

Studies conducted in 2013 showed that stress related leave cost industry $10 Billion in that year alone. Imagine what it is costing you and those you love and care for.

At the D’Angelo Institute™ “Chillax: The Stress of Stress” program you will learn about the consequences of stress, how it occurs and how to minimise and overcome it.

This program is for people who have an open mind and wish to become aware of how stress affects life and health. You will learn how to create balanced perceptions, understanding the dialogue between all the aspects of the self and bringing harmony and joy to any and all relationships you have.

Reduce your stress levels to become the greatest version of you


  • 11-12th May 2019
  • 16-17th November 2019 

What we cover:

  • Discover your 3 brains and how they communicate with each other
  • Understand basic physical symptoms and what they mean emotionally
  • Learn how to identify acute and chronic issues on your body
  • Become aware of the physiological effects of your dialogue
  • Realise the power of intention
  • Learn the principles of posture and what it means
  • Master the 4 main areas of life
  • Know where your stress comes from
  • Learn the principles of how to overcome fears so you may thrive

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