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Body Language- Learn What People are Really Saying



People, Performance and Productivity.

There is an increasing void between management and staff with open dialogue and team work at an all time low. Studies conducted in 2013, show that stress related leave cost industry $10Billion negatively affecting team morale and placing organisations productivity and financial goals in disarray.

At the D’ANGELO INSTITUTE™ we work with your team from the inside out, actively communicating and implementing processes that open dialogue creating cohesion within the team.

Providing workbooks that answer the teams own personal and professional issues, bridging the void of miscommunication and conflict to increase productivity.

This body of work is for people and organisations that are willing to set aside old paradigms of work and workplace relationships having an open minded approach to creating success and a workplace congruent to great team work and customer service.

Mastering Methods to develop the right people, building prosperity and wealth in business

Duration: 4 hours


  • Saturday 16th March 2019
  • Saturday 20th July 2019

What we cover:

  • Body Language
  • What is the other person really saying and what message are you expressing
  • Posture when greeting someone
  • Posture and gestures when communicating
  • Hand shake
  • Where to sit in an interview or meeting
  • Stress and Eustress the Balance
  • Everyone is a mirror of each other

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