Marco D’Angelo

Marco D’Angelo is an author, educator, mentor, results coach, speaker, myotherapist and healer. A specialist in his field, Marco offers fresh perspectives, creating new possibilities in dealing with stress and ill-health.

Early Stages

From a very young age I was constantly and repeatedly told what I couldn’t do and discouraged from doing what I enjoyed with physical, mental and emotional abuse. The methods of choice instilled in me limited my belief systems.

I was also during this time plagued with conditions that were misdiagnosed, unusual in occurring, or had no known cause. These included a malfunctioning stomach valve, dislocated shoulder with torn cartilage, floating bone within my ankle, disc bulges, nerve impingements and the list goes on.

Feeling a lack of support around each condition and treatment tied in with a limited belief system; this made certain dreams I had unattainable and I felt defeated.

These events subsequently bestowed in me inspiration and a desire to learn, research and look for solutions and methods beyond the conventional, inspiring me on my journey of self-development and professional education.

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Career Start

I had a dream of becoming an amateur kickboxer, and at the age of twenty-four, found myself at a crossroads; my dream abruptly derailed by injury. Whilst dealing with the injury I made the decision to go back to school to learn massage.

My studies continued in the area of relaxation massage and while working with a fighter with a shoulder injury, I had an epiphany: The insight and advice I was able to offer helped the fighter’s career and I realised then that I wanted to dedicate my life to health and wellbeing. Pursuing my studies, I attained an Advanced Diploma in Myotherapy.

I now use my training in myotherapy, massage, fitness, the DeMartini Method, Bowen Therapy, Results Coaching and my own technique (Interlinking Method™) to work with people from all walks of life.

My clientele include AFL footballers, body builders, former Olympians, national gymnasts, boxing and kickboxing champions, distance runners, cyclists, martial artists, soccer players, arm wrestlers, tennis players and workout enthusiasts.

My Experience

Years full time clinical consult
Years of tertiary educator in remedial massage and myotherapy
Clients in clinic not including sports massage football clubs, treating students and their clinic clients

There are no wrong decisions. In hindsight, everyone is a genius. At the time that was the lesson to learn. That’s why now you know there is a better choice.

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